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Super Relax Massage Chair

Super Relax Massage Chair


​​​​​​MODEL NUMBER: CR-4000


  • The CR-4000 model boasts four rollers capable of multidirectional movement, offering five distinct massage techniques including shiatsu, knocking, tapping, rolling, and kneading. Moreover, these rollers feature three adjustable widths to accommodate individuals of varying body types.

    Operable via remote control, the chair offers five pre-programmed massage modes for user convenience. These modes encompass a range of therapeutic options, including comfortable, relaxing, torsion, shoulder and neck, back and waist, full body, chiropractic, fatigue recovery, meridian spa treatment, shaping gluteal, sleep-inducing, and full air pressure massages.

    Equipped with 28 strategically positioned airbags across the shoulders, arms, legs, and feet, the CR-4000 delivers a comprehensive full-body airbag massage experience complemented by heat therapy. This feature aims to alleviate back discomfort, enhance blood circulation, and promote relaxation. Additionally, the massage chair incorporates infrared heat therapy specifically targeting the back region.

    Furthermore, the CR-4000 integrates Bluetooth speakers, facilitating seamless connectivity with any compatible device.

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